I’ve enjoyed my time working for Iptor, but I found I just couldn’t refuse Carl-Johan when he offered me a job at eLabs. I first med C-J a few years ago at Got.rb, the local Ruby User Group, and I know he has a great entrepreneurial spirit and deep technical expertise. eLabs is his company, (a startup he co-owns with Edithouse), and he’s attracted a really competent, friendly bunch of coders to join him. This a chance for me to get to learn Ruby and Rails properly, and work in a truly agile team. Hopefully I’ll be able to contribute some insights from my years working with agile advocacy, automated testing, and development in Python and Java. I’m looking forward to starting at eLabs in April.


  1. Carl-Johan Kihlbom says:

    Thanks Emily, we are very excited that you’re joining us! April can’t come soon enough 🙂

  2. Ola Berg says:

    Ohhh, Emily, we mourn the loss of a fellow coder and thinker, but on the other hand: life is too short for just a few employers!

    /The Iptorians