I’m very excited to announce the launch of my company website, at http://bacheconsulting.com. The site has information about the coaching and training I offer, links to this blog, my videos on YouTube, and my twitter feed. My hope is that it gives an indication of my areas of expertise, and what you can expect if I come to work with your development team.

The site was built for me by my friend James Pink, who was very helpful with ideas for site layout and content. He also created my company logo from some sketches I did, and a rather dodgy photo of me hanging my head upside down with one ringlet of hair sticking out. Quite a tricky shot to take by yourself, even if your phone does have two cameras!

The pictures on the site are mostly from conferences – happy memories of good sessions at Agile 2008, XP2009 and XP2010. I’m very grateful to all the photographers for giving me permission to use them. I enjoyed searching through all the conference pictures, these guys really know what they’re doing with a camera, and seem to catch just the best moments. The profile shot I’ve been using for a couple of years now was taken by my friend Margaretha Schölin, when we were in China on a business trip together. More happy memories, thanks Maggan 🙂

I’d also like to thank the people who agreed to be quoted saying nice things about the work I’ve previously done with them. I’ll return the favour sometime soon, I’m sure.

So now all that remains is to hope that some more companies (preferably those in or near to Göteborg) will notice my site and want to hire me to help them learn agile engineering practices!