The full programme for SDC2009 in March will be published in about a week’s time, but I can already tell it will be a great event. The call for papers is now closed, and the website has been updated with photos of all the booked speakers. With only one day of talks, it looks like there will be a lot to choose from.

I’m really looking forward to hearing international software gurus like Jeff Sutherland and Neal Ford, as well as lots of cool people from Scandinavia. Clicking through the photos on the front page, there are several faces I recognize as leading agile proponents. It’s actually a bit of a shock to see my own headshot there in the lineup.


  1. Johan Lindberg says:

    For those of us who can’t wait. Can you tell us the title of your presentation? Pretty please…

  2. Emily Bache says:

    Well alright then 🙂 “Clean Code”

  3. Johan Lindberg says:

    Might this have something to do with you being outraged by the Java code in that book you mentioned (at the GothPy board meeting)?

    Which reminds that I promised to lend you my copy of Beautiful Code. I’ll bring it to the next GothPy gathering.