I’ve just heard that I’ve been accepted as a speaker at JFokus, in Stockholm in January. I’ll be saying something about how to write good tests using Selenium, a tool I’ve been using a fair amount lately. I’m looking forward to the chance to meet up with the wider Java community in Sweden and find out what’s new and what’s hot.


  1. Fredrik Rubensson says:

    Nice – I heard (and blogged about) your talk at ScanDevConf and that was really cool. It will be nice to visit a real city also I gather.

  2. nice says:

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  3. Emily Bache says:

    Thanks for your kind comments about my talk at ScanDevConf and TextTest! Not sure what you mean about visiting a real city?

  4. Fredrik Rubensson says:

    Oh – just the normal Stockholm/Gothenburg thing…. there is only one city in sweden right? I like Gothenburg a lot but it is kind of small.

  5. Emily Bache says:

    Hey, if Gothenburg doesn’t count as a city, I doubt Stockholm does either. The UK, however, definitely has several, and I prefer a nice small manageable Swedish city any day. 🙂