I’m looking forward to Europython in Birmingham at the end of June. Geoff and I are going to be rather busy at it. They’ve just published the programme, and between us we are holding 5 sessions. I’m running a “coder’s dojo“, a “clean code challenge”, and Geoff and I are doing a tutorial on texttest together. Geoff is also giving talks about texttest and pyUseCase.

The coder’s dojo session is a copy of the original XP2005 workshop by Laurent Bossavit and Emmanual Gaillot, only in python with different Katas. The structure is the same though – introduction, prepared Kata, randori, retrospective. I thought it worked really well in 2005, so why change a winning format?

The clean code challenge is an idea I came up with. I’ve written on this blog before about KataArgs, and my dodgy python translation of Bob Martin’s code. I’m interested to know what the python community will make of it. I’m basically planning to throw this code out to anyone who turns up, and ask them to refactor it into better python. I’m of course hoping they will produce some innovative, beautifully pythonic solutions, and show me what clean code looks like in python.

The tutorial on texttest is essentially similar to the one Geoff and I did at Europython in 2005. It’s longer though, a half day, and builds on all the experience we have had since, doing tutorials at XP2006 and agile2008 for example.

All in all, I hope we’ll have some time and energy left to go to the other items in the programme. It looks like being a busy conference.