The programme for DynCon has just been published, and the whole conference is about dynamically typed languages. There are talks about all sorts of languages, old and new, and I think it’s going to be really interesting to get people together from all these different communities. I’m giving a talk with title “A Test-Driven Introduction to Python” where I’m hoping to show off some of the best features of Python. I’ll also be demoing a new testing tool called “CaptureMock” which my husband Geoff has invented. I’ll be interested to hear what all the afficionadoes of other languages think of both it and python.

The programme for Scandinavian Developer Conference has been up for a while now, and I’m very pleased with the way its looking. The conference will be held in Göteborg in April, and I’m responsible for a whole track called “Conversation Corner”. I’m delighted so many people have agreed to take part, and I think we’ll be discussing some really interesting topics. I’m hoping it will be a really interactive part of the conference, as a complement to the other 10 tracks which mostly comprise presentations.

The programme for XP2011 also came out last week, although it is not yet complete. I’m Industry Chair for this conference, which will be held in Madrid in May, and I blogged before about my long association with this series of conferences. For this year, I’m still talking to people about putting together panel debates and discussions, and we also have space for more demos and lightning talks. The programme of tutorials and workshops is pretty much complete though, and I think we’ve got a great lineup of people leading them.

So I’ve got a very busy spring ahead of me with all these fantastic conferences coming up, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to all of them 🙂