I’ve just got to Toronto in advance of the agile2008 conference which starts on Monday, and I’m looking forward to it with great excitement and some trepidation. Until now it was the session that Geoff and I are running on Thursday that was claiming all my attention but now my head is also buzzing with another potential conference highlight.

I’ve signed up as a contestant for the “Programming with the Stars” competition, and I got a mail today explaining that I will be performing live on stage with Micheal Feathers on Tuesday! We will have exactly four minutes to impress the audience and the panel of judges with our impressive collaboration skills and amazing feats of coding. I’ve seen “Idol”, I know what “panel of judges” means… we’re going to be eaten alive! I just hope I can remember how to code after nearly a year at home with baby. Thankfully I am very confident that Michael Feathers not only knows how to code, but if I do manage to produce anything really dodgy, who better to sort me out than the author of “Working effectively with legacy code”?

We are competing with five other pairs, it’s a knockout competition, and the winners will be declared on Friday. Wish me luck!

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