Last night a group of eight python hackers were drawn into a darkened conference room on Odinsgatan “Odin’s street” in order to exchange little-known information and to take part in obscure coding rituals. To open proceedings, Andrew Dalke shared deep insights into the enigmatic “stackless” python. Later on, fuelled by strong Swedish coffee and cucumber sandwiches, we together attempted the “BankOCR” Code Kata. Everyone present contributed to further our art, and most took a turn working the somewhat arcane keyboard and IDE. By the end we had created a perfect although incomplete code chimera. Despite our considerable successes, it may need further work before any bank would consider taking on our design for their optical character recognition system.

And now I must confess to the part I have played in this pythonic plot. It is the result of scheming between Andrew Dalke, Johan Lindberg and myself. We joined together a few weeks ago to make arrangements for the creation of this chapter of the python community. By some twist of fate, I was designated “temporär ordförande”, or “acting high priest”.

Three hours of pythonic union notwithstanding, everyone present last night agreed that the experiment should be repeated. We look forward to the continuation of our assembly at the second Gothenburg Python User Group meeting sometime next month.